InterCrime gets Interesting!!


After defeating the Firebrand Gang the local sherif and his deputies enter the scene and apprehend the gang. They are questioned and help with some information, but the hawk eyed sherif Walt Longmire notices a reaction from Sharon when the name Max Mathews is brought up. She is questioned individually and it’s determined that she was dating him. She gives up another cell number (his personal one), and he is traced to apartment within town. He is watched for a couple of days and on the second day he leaves his apartment and is tracked to an old warehouse. He leaves later on that same, without cheese cake (ok, Mike). The group decides to send me (Empryean) to scout the complex in my astral form. I rally the information through Mike’s character that there are technicians, garrison (guards) and a couple scientist down an elevator shaft, in the abandoned building. There was also a tough looking guy with an arm that was on fire and a weird lady with an amulet that seemed to look right through me when I was in the same room as her. We decided to enter the complex, with CHESS permission of course, and when we came down the elevator we ran into a technician, and that is where it ended… (happy birthday to me and Rach).



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