module 1

The heroes were introduced to their new home base, learned of the time lines and found out that there was a band of criminals attacking people and robbing stores. You went into town, asked around about the crime spree. Got denied at the hospital, because you were trying to speak with a police officer whom got the worst of it from the Firebrands. You tried going to the city morgue to see if you can investigate the demon body you heard about on the news. Initially the guy wouldn’t let you in, but Arcana’s security clearance got you past the guard. Examining the body you didn’t notice anything initially, but after closer examination you notice it was poked and prodded. It’s are was surgically removed as noticed by the news report. You then went to a diner to grab a bite to eat. You run into one of the people that were mugged. You get some information out of him, but not much. Only they are wearing some kind of suit and they can fly and shoot fire out of their arms. You go back to your rooms and do a little more investigating. Emperyean and Arcana believe that their next move will most likely be a bank. Livewire thinks it will be a convenient store…. After walking to the local bank, 1st Bank of Jackson, you notice a guard no the ground and three characters in front of the bank that meets the guys description from the diner. A fight takes place between the two groups. Four of the seven Firebrands are taken out and the rest give up believing they are out matched and not to mention their leader was taken out. The police and reports arrive shortly after. We will have to see who these villains are and where they came from…



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